Koi Metaverse Building the Digital Collectibles Platform for Virtual GameFi NFTs

Imagination is too splendid and we humans are going virtual.
Quite literally, when you are reading this, you are probably about to fly in an airbus, zooming at 880–930 km/h across the sky. And while you keep reading on, the guy next to you is listening to a classic rock/roll album released in the 1980s, with a soft tap on his device, he is changing the tune to the latest EDM music, just to give it a try. A few seats back, the gal in a business suit is analyzing her company’s future revenue using sophisticated data software while virtual conferencing her assistants. Her 8-year-old girl is playing Minecraft with a grown-up in Egypt.
In spirit, we are all heading toward the world’s wildest and weirdest space — Metaverse.
Metaverse is a word created in Snow Crash, a 1992 sci-fi novel. It refers to a conflux of everything, known and unknown, in a shared virtual space.


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